Saturday, 19 July 2014

#23- Experiment with a tent in the garden

It's awful being so close to somebody who lives in another country. Luckily though, I was able to spend some time in Germany recently to see my lovely friend Rabea. We kept busy:trips to Holland, theme parks, shopping, dinners in sushi restaurants and a trip to the cinema to watch a German film. Unfortunately my German language abilities reach no further than "hallo" and "danke", so watching a 2 hour-long film which I couldn't understand was eventful...but one thing's for sure: it must have been emotional as a rather large crowd of people around us were crying...
Watching Germany win the World Cup whilst over there is something I will never forget: the amazing atmosphere, the abundance of German flags, the cheers. When Germany scored, we all yelled and clapped. I felt so honored to be apart of such a wonderful moment in history.  
One evening, an Amazon order arrived. Me and Rabea decided to look in the package and to our amusement, we found a tent. So, like any other normal person would, we spent the lovely sunny evening experimenting with it. Who knew there were so many things you could use a tent for apart from using it as an actual tent!

Monday, 16 June 2014

#22- Form a McBusted tribute band in a hotel room

The London Euston Premier Inn is the coolest place on earth; they put up with us forming our own McBusted tribute band for approximately half an hour before an important looking young man in a purple suit told us to politely stop singing. When me and Sophie first entered the amazing hotel room, we were a little overwhelmed by the groovy little kettle and the hair dryer. Whilst we contemplated getting an early night, forming a tribute band seemed like a much better idea. Well, at the time time it did- in the morning we were more than a little tired.  Although there are 6 members of McBusted and only 3 of us, I think we made up for it by being as loud as 2 people. With the outstanding popularity of the super group McBusted,we decided we would show our appreciation by casually proclaiming our love for them at the very TOP of our voices. Sadly, we didn't attract as many supporters or fans (and I bet half of the hotel hated us) but it was sooo worth it.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

#21- Meditate & have a stick fight

With exams approaching a little too quickly, the stress levels are pretty high right now. So high in fact, that The Sun reported that the 1st of May is the most stressful day of the year for students. Now that, is something I can definitely believe. Whether you're a student or not, we all experience those times where your greatest desire is to hide under a rock and shelter away from the this case, those absolutely horrid things that the dictionary likes to call EXAMS!
Therefore, it's a pretty good idea to try to find ways of combating the accelerating stress levels. In this instance, meditating is a decent solution. Admittedly, me, Dan & Oscar didn't go out one day with the soul aim of finding a cosy spot to meditate- it just sort of happened in our random daily antics. So, I propose a good meditation; apparently it really helps. So does listening to dolphin sounds apparently...

Sunday, 23 March 2014

#20 act like a ten year old all day

One of the best things about being a kid is that trips to the park are extremely commonplace. However, as you grow older and you swap your cute knitted cardigan for a Hollister hoody, it's not exactly 'normal' for a bunch of teens to go on the toddler swings...
Fortunately for us, we're not exactly normal anyway, so casually testing all the children's equipment can be perceived as relatively normal. During our little "experiment" in testing all the equipment, we concluded that the handlebars are extremely unstable and the ground is pretty slippy- which is why I fell over and grazed the right-hand side of my body (ironically, kids fall over in the playground too!)
Technically, I act like a kid everyday, but it was still a lovely day with Eleanor & Danielle, especially because the sun came out to make such a beautiful day.


Sunday, 19 January 2014

#19- spend a day in the countryside

Lately, the weather has been truly terrible. *takes a moment to look in a thesaurus to find every possible synonym for terrible*...awful, appalling, atrocious, disastrous, dreadful, frightful, horrid...I suppose however you look at it, the weather in England in January is not particularly pleasant. It's no wonder that January is the most popular month for people ditching their home town and whizzing off towards the sun. I know the sun is hiding under those clouds somewhere- they must like looming over the British, because we never really seem to see anything else! So when the sun peaked out half way through our day, it was...AWESOME! For the first time in about 343526 years, we felt the heat on our faces. The only way I've had any access to heat lately is to sit directly in front of my fireplace or stand solemnly in the shower...To celebrate and say thankyou to the clouds for finally letting the sun have access to our sky, me and my mum bought an ice-cream (mmm). I'm not sure how that says thankyou to a scorching ball of heat millions of miles away, but I guess somehow, the British economy will strive and the sun will be like:
 "oh see Saturn, that's how I make the world a better place. What do you do other than sit there being cold"


Wednesday, 1 January 2014

#18- Celebrate the new year with your buddies

The festive season has come to an end and it's time to wave goodbye to 2013 and yell a hearty welcome to 2014. A full 12 months have passed by; I feel as though I have really grown as a person and I am fully embracing my teenage years. My friends and I thought it would be a splendid idea to arrange a little gathering just to let our area (and the whole of Britain) know that we were celebrating. As always, we were exceptionally hyper, very loud, strangely crazy and heck- even embraced our inner rock star-self. We started the evening moderately normal, eating pizza and having a good ol' catch-up, but by the time 12 o'clock arrived, I think we had given in and let the inner WILD CHILD out!
I can honestly say that I don't think I stopped laughing and smiling all night- therefore unfortunately we missed any sort of celebrations that were going on outside like fireworks, as we were in our own little bubble. We danced the night away to top hits; lets just say that when I wanna dance with somebody was played, me and Chloe danced our hearts out on behalf of the entire nation.
Even though our throats were stinging and our eyes were half open, which I suppose is their way of saying:
 "what on earth possessed your brain into thinking it was a moderately good idea to stay up this early?"

An absolutely smashing night with lots of laughter and singing; when we counted down for the new year, we all stood in a circle and held hands cheering!
So although I am rather knackered now due to finally going to bed at 7.30am, I would say it was an absolutely splendid way to start the year.
What are your new years resolutions?