Friday, 8 February 2013

#4- Do the flour challenge

Admittedly, I'm a little late in doing the flour challenge.
 So I figured it could be the next thing to do in a lfietime!
All I can say is that i feared I would choke...
..But thankfully we made it through the hard times of filling
your mouth with flour!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

#3- Do the Cha-Cha Slide in the middle of a restaurant

A lovely meal topped with several non-alcoholic fizzy drinks (but still have the tendency to make you abnormally hyper) and a huge blob of ice-cream--Okay, enough of the description..

Young girls of today appear mature(ish) and able to go out for a meal and simply..well, eat. However, being the goofballs that we are, me and my friends had to get up and have a casual rave, whilst expressing our beautiful voices that echoed against the walls, aggitating our fellow diners.

We didn't intentionally spend 3 hours getting ready, just to stroll down to an Italian restaurant and cause a stirr as we danced away, promise! We normally are rather mature and act like 16 year olds. But, it was a rainy monday evening and with exams coming up, I honestly feel a little boogie makes you feel a whole lot better. Like experts say, smiling makes you feel better. Honestly, when your stressed and running hither and thither, just'd be suprised by the nice reactions and how many smiles are returned. Although we didn't really recieve many smiles whilst doing this. More like far from admirational looks from a group of 12 year olds & a dirty look from an old couple, that resembled "tut, the youth of today."

But, I believe we have proved a valid point...the youth of today are rather cool. A little wacky and goofy yes, but cool all the same. Please just try it...A boring family meal can easily be made fun by having a rave in the corner- hehe!