Friday, 4 January 2013

#1- walk to the local supermarket in your pajamas

Picture this; A hyperactive bunch of teenage girls, holding hands,skipping
in the moonlight. Occasionally, a car drives past, but other than that
the night is misty silence. All that can be heard is the tapping
of feet on the ground and the odd high pitched giggle here and there.

We walked to the local supermarket, introducing a new fashion of converse
and pajamas. Greeted with an odd look here and there, we pranced around, chuckling
and enjoying the tranquility of the night.

However, being the friends they are, they didn't allow me to partake
this task in the confort of day light. We ventured off to the supermarket at11
at night.
"Go now? But..but..its nearly midnight."
"Yes Kate. It is. Come on!"

However, a plus side to ventoring out around the world in your
pajamas is the confort of knowing you dont have to put all that effort into
getting dressed. Simply wake up & off you pop! Who knew that
being a girl could be so simple?

I remember saying to my friends, 
"This, right here, is a memory. We'll look back on this you know."

I personally think we have created a hip new trend. If your ever out and about 
and you notice a blonde teenager in pajamas,
you'll know who it is.