Saturday, 7 December 2013

#17- Have a pub lunch with your buddies

On a Friday, most of us are pretty tired and are looking forward to the weekend. To relieve us from sleepiness, me and my friends decided to head to a comedy night held at the local theatre. However, before that we spent the afternoon in the quaint, cosey pub opposite our college. Straight after lessons finished, we wrapped up and trudged all the way...across the road, making ourselves comfy in a cushioned booth with a little TV, which was unfortunately stuck on cbeebies.Whilst warming up and admiring the christmas decorations, we had a good ol' chat and treated ourselves to a pub meal. Personally, there's nothing better than a pub lunch on a wet, windy day. Along with the tendency to be very warm, pubs also offer some quiet music in the background & food that makes your belly increase a few inches.
Being the bunch of goofballs that we are, me and Daniel thought it would be a splendid idea to order the hottest dish on the menu- with 5 chili symbols next to it, which indicate:


So whilst Chloe and Beth enjoyed their meals, me and Dan spent the vast majority of time gulping down lemonade and complaining about the well-being of our tongues.Yet still it was a lovely afternoon and evening which provided a lot of laughter and memories.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

#16- Go to a christmas light switch-on and boogie

That time of year is approaching again; the temperature plummets below freezing and christmas songs are played again after hibernating for a year. 

I've just customized my iPod and synced my christmas playlist onto my music to get me into the spirit! Christmas is my favourite time of year- I love everything about it. The carols, the decorations, the snow, the food, the cheesy films...The christmas countdown has officially begun, which means the advent calendars can be opened- if my dad decides not to sneakily open a few of the 25 little doors, steal the chocolate and then close them again. Although the christmas decorations aren't put up in my house until a few weeks from now, it's lovely to attend a "switch-on" whereby the town is illuminated with florescent colours and the groovy messages of "merry christmas" are turned into a vibrant red. The event we attended provided entertainment throughout the afternoon, of which we danced and sang along to. 

Although the floor was vibrating vigorously and it was very hot around the crowds of eager christmas enthusiasts, we were still pretty hyper up and fully enjoyed the afternoon. When one of the entertainers came on stage and yelled:

"Who wants this T-shirt then? I'm gonna' give it to the person who jumps the highest."

I tried ever so hard to spring up into the air to claim the appealing looking blue T-shirt. Joe even lifted me up so my head was exposed above the crowds, but unfortunately the singer was too engaged in his rap and didn't see me. So I didn't get the free T-shirt, much to my disappointment. A wonderful afternoon and evening; a great opportunity to get into the christmas spirit.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

#15- go on a morning jog in the countryside

One of the greatest things about living up North (apart from fish & chips) is the countryside. Fortunately, we are blessed in having some of the nicest landscapes in the country. On a typical morning, I closely resemble a zombie- eyes half shut, stumbling around and a slight (okay, a big) hint of grumpiness. Nevertheless, it has been scientifically proven that exercise releases endorphins that instantly make you feel better. It also has a lasting effect, making you more alert throughout the day. As much as I love the mocha latte's from college, I must admit that after a good run, I feel so fresh! Once you get over the feeling of:

"oh my golly gosh, I'm so out of breath *huff,huff* I wanna sit down. Why is my throat hurting, is that normal? Or have I swallowed a pebble?!"

..It really is an enjoyable activity. Whether you're on your own or with a running buddy, I strongly recommend a good jog to set you off on your day. Although I spent a big majority of time filming myself running into the distance and then running back to press the stop button on my camera, I still think it is a very active thing to do!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

#14- sing and prance around with your friends on a saturday night


That is the distinguishable sign of me and my friends. Despite only meeting each other a couple of months ago, we all quickly bonded in our joint insaneness, and have even designed our own secret handshake.
You see, I am incredibly lucky in that not only do I have the bestest group of friends I could ask for, but everytime we're with each other, we cannot go even a second without speaking, singing, laughing and making fun of each other. On the occasion of celebrating Chloe's 17th birthday, we filed ourself with pizza and steak. Although, when the waiter strolled over and announced there was only 7 pieces of chocolate cake left when 8 people desperately wanted that, so one of us would have to pick something else, we probably made our voices heard to the whole of Lancashire by shouting "OOOOOOOOOOO." A fabulous night with my fabulous friends.

Friday, 1 November 2013

#13- have a sing song with your best bud before a night out

It's commonplace in a good cheesy comedy; two friends getting ready for a night out, singing along to pop songs and chatting away. Luckily me and Sarah are both as bonkers as each other, so the routine of curling hair proved to be pretty amusing. Along with the exciting buzz you feel when you're about to go out with your friends, a bar of dairy milk chocolate (thankyou for buying that Sarah), some lemonade and your much loved iPod docking station in the corner, getting ready can be as big as the event you're going to!
I strongly recommend a good sing song before you go out- whether it's before school or college or work. It helps keep your spirits high and set you off on a smashing day.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

#12- dance around your living room

Dance is a type of art that generally involves movement of the body, often rhythmic and to music. It is performed in many cultures as a form of emotional expression.

When you have the house all to yourself for the night, what do you do? 
Dance around the living room of course!
Whilst Natalie desperately wanted to watch Mean Girls, l had
better ideas- stick a bit of Spice Girls on and boogie
around the living room. Despite it being a friday evening
and being exceptionally tired from 1 whole week
of studying, being goofballs, doing homework
and...more homework, we were still
abnormally hyper and once we got dancing, we couldn't 
Well, we did when Natalie exclaimed "I'm Zonked."
I guess that's teenage terms for 
"oh my giddy ants. I am rather tired at present. lets stop dancing now." 

Saturday, 7 September 2013

#11- have a picnic of junk

Admittedly, I am an appallingly bad eater. I'm pretty sure, that if I was asked to accumulate a pie chart of my diet, the "sugars" section would be dangerously larger than advised. Nevertheless, you would never really consider having a picnic only consisting of veg would you? Neither would I, which is why we decided to have a picnic full of crisps, chocolate and pop. In all honesty, we didn't intentionally set out to have a picnic of junk, but coincidently, we all braught sugary foods along- great minds think alike! Once we reached the bridge, we layed out a towel and positioned all the food around us.
Luckily, the weather was on our side (for a little while) and we managed to have a lovely picnic by the river, as we admired the view of fields, fields and....more fields! After we had eaten, we resumed to our usual hyperactive selves and filled the day with conga's, dances, prank calls and singing. A typical day for me and my friends then really- being cool seems to come naturally.
It was a really funny day- having a picnic of junk is definately something I advise you to do. However, I would also like to warn you not to munch all of the sweets and chocolate too quickly. It does make you feel a tad sick afterwards. It doesn't help either, when you arrive home and your parents announce that tea will be ready in 5 minutes. Ooops....

Thursday, 8 August 2013

#10- tie yourself to a tree and yell at everyone to save the environment


According to research, there are 23,000 species of trees in the world. When you think about it, that's an awful lot of different trees. Personally, my favorite are the palm trees that grow in desert-like climates. Whenever I see one it reminds me of when I went to Dominican Republic- the path to the beach consisted of a long, intimidating row of palm trees, all beaming down on me. From a 9 year old perspective, it was almost as bad as being stranded in a creepy forest, especially since some of them were hundreds of years old. They looked like they might snap at any moment.

Luckily for me, there is only really one type of tree that grows in the country fields near where I live. I'd describe them as leafy and tall, but that pretty much covers the description of the 23,000 other trees on the planet. Whilst I really enjoyed doing #10, I must admit I got a few strange looks from passing walkers- even a dog looked at me strange. Unfortunately, I didn't actually gather many crowds or supporters during my mini tree campaign, however, I am proud of myself for carrying it out. Even if it did mean ruining a quiet family picnic in the field next to us..

Whilst this blog post was just for a laugh, it has made me more aware of the amazing campaigns that are working extremely hard in order to protect the thousands of trees that are in potential danger.

This also reminded me of my citizenship GCSE project, where you 
had to campaign for something you felt strongly about- me and my
friends chose to advocate against animal testing.
Has anybody ever campaigned or spoke up
about something they feel strongly about?

Monday, 29 July 2013

#9- get attacked by ducks as you feed them bread

Ducks; delicate little animals who's natural habits are to paddle around enthusiastically, whilst cheerfully quacking at the top of their voices. They tend to complete a few cycles of the pond during their day, occasionally stopping to peck at a fellow duck or gaze at the ducklings, with a youthful admiration all look. However, when two teenage girls advance on them with a full loath of bread, they seem to loose all their dignity and quickly develop one aim- GET THE BREAD. I genuinely believe that ducks are like humans in that they find the sunshine to be as rare as humans do.

Consequently, the glowing beams must make then hyper and rather greedy, as they were after us like we'd dressed in a duck costume and started to parade around the pond. The ducks we encountered on this day out were as stubborn as a three year old who doesn't want to leave the swings. As per usual, I brought in some of my wacky humour to calm them down and reasure them that they would all get a little nibble of the yummy bread.

But unfortunately, ducks can't understand humans, and so they resorted in chasing us around the field until we gave them their beloved bread. A truly hilarious day with my friend Annie, but I think I'll take my bread somewhere else next time...

Thursday, 25 July 2013

#8- treck across a freezing river

Due to the sweltering heat and the warm breeze, Zoe and I got a little hot whilst out on our walk and picnic. So, the sight of a idealic little river was met with a releaved sigh. We immediately dumped our belongings on the dry sand bed and made it our goal to treck across the river. IThis was easier said than done. The constant flowing water seemed to enjoy smashing against the rocks, making them super slippery and rather hard to balance on. Nevertheless, we troopered on like the determined turtles that we are and battled against the Atlantic temperatures that the river provided. 

Saturday, 20 July 2013

#7 sit by a wall and sing like a chipmunk

Once again, my blog activity involved being a total goofball and truly
expressing to the world, how cool I am. Alvin & The Chipmunks is a worldwide
phenomenon, which see's a bunch of hyperactive talking chipmunks become a
 global sensation thanks to the fact that chipmunks can apparently sing and walk
 in high heels. Commonplace then really. However, what isn't commonplace is
two teenage girls sat by a wall in the middle of a quiet country village, singing like
chipmunks. Whilst Sophie mastered the voice of a chipmunk perfectly, I regret to
inform you that I did not.

Friday, 19 July 2013

#6 prance around the countryside in the sun


I've always loved the countryside; I love the feeling it gives me.
When I'm out in the open, i feel a sense of liberty that can
only be achieved by being in the countryside itself. The beauty, tranquility and 
calmness of it all makes me feel happy. 
It also gives me inspiration for when I write- anything can happen.

On a sunny day with your best friend, it's just lovely to get out 
and enjoy the sights that surround the busy towns and villages in
my area. So, Nat and I pranced around in the fields and coutryroads 
and made the most of the sunny weather that Britain NEVER offers..

Thursday, 4 July 2013

#5- sing your heart out on the karaoke machine

Unfortunately, I do not own a karaoke machine at my house (although i don't think the neighbors are too bothered about that). So, when i got hold of my friend Sophie's, lets just say I didn't put the microphone down for quite some time afterwards. I'm certain that half of Britain heard our angelic singing voices- how fortunate and lucky are they?!

has to go on a 1000thingstodoinalifetime, as it's simply entertaining, not least because it's a feel good activity, but because for a few moments you get a taster of what it's like to be a famous pop star. I think I have a new ambition, do you want to know what it is? Well, lets just say i shall be entering X factor next year...

song 1- hero by Enrique Iglesias 
song 2- summer loving by Grease

Friday, 8 February 2013

#4- Do the flour challenge

Admittedly, I'm a little late in doing the flour challenge.
 So I figured it could be the next thing to do in a lfietime!
All I can say is that i feared I would choke...
..But thankfully we made it through the hard times of filling
your mouth with flour!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

#3- Do the Cha-Cha Slide in the middle of a restaurant

A lovely meal topped with several non-alcoholic fizzy drinks (but still have the tendency to make you abnormally hyper) and a huge blob of ice-cream--Okay, enough of the description..

Young girls of today appear mature(ish) and able to go out for a meal and simply..well, eat. However, being the goofballs that we are, me and my friends had to get up and have a casual rave, whilst expressing our beautiful voices that echoed against the walls, aggitating our fellow diners.

We didn't intentionally spend 3 hours getting ready, just to stroll down to an Italian restaurant and cause a stirr as we danced away, promise! We normally are rather mature and act like 16 year olds. But, it was a rainy monday evening and with exams coming up, I honestly feel a little boogie makes you feel a whole lot better. Like experts say, smiling makes you feel better. Honestly, when your stressed and running hither and thither, just'd be suprised by the nice reactions and how many smiles are returned. Although we didn't really recieve many smiles whilst doing this. More like far from admirational looks from a group of 12 year olds & a dirty look from an old couple, that resembled "tut, the youth of today."

But, I believe we have proved a valid point...the youth of today are rather cool. A little wacky and goofy yes, but cool all the same. Please just try it...A boring family meal can easily be made fun by having a rave in the corner- hehe!

Friday, 4 January 2013

#1- walk to the local supermarket in your pajamas

Picture this; A hyperactive bunch of teenage girls, holding hands,skipping
in the moonlight. Occasionally, a car drives past, but other than that
the night is misty silence. All that can be heard is the tapping
of feet on the ground and the odd high pitched giggle here and there.

We walked to the local supermarket, introducing a new fashion of converse
and pajamas. Greeted with an odd look here and there, we pranced around, chuckling
and enjoying the tranquility of the night.

However, being the friends they are, they didn't allow me to partake
this task in the confort of day light. We ventured off to the supermarket at11
at night.
"Go now? But..but..its nearly midnight."
"Yes Kate. It is. Come on!"

However, a plus side to ventoring out around the world in your
pajamas is the confort of knowing you dont have to put all that effort into
getting dressed. Simply wake up & off you pop! Who knew that
being a girl could be so simple?

I remember saying to my friends, 
"This, right here, is a memory. We'll look back on this you know."

I personally think we have created a hip new trend. If your ever out and about 
and you notice a blonde teenager in pajamas,
you'll know who it is.