Saturday, 30 November 2013

#16- Go to a christmas light switch-on and boogie

That time of year is approaching again; the temperature plummets below freezing and christmas songs are played again after hibernating for a year. 

I've just customized my iPod and synced my christmas playlist onto my music to get me into the spirit! Christmas is my favourite time of year- I love everything about it. The carols, the decorations, the snow, the food, the cheesy films...The christmas countdown has officially begun, which means the advent calendars can be opened- if my dad decides not to sneakily open a few of the 25 little doors, steal the chocolate and then close them again. Although the christmas decorations aren't put up in my house until a few weeks from now, it's lovely to attend a "switch-on" whereby the town is illuminated with florescent colours and the groovy messages of "merry christmas" are turned into a vibrant red. The event we attended provided entertainment throughout the afternoon, of which we danced and sang along to. 

Although the floor was vibrating vigorously and it was very hot around the crowds of eager christmas enthusiasts, we were still pretty hyper up and fully enjoyed the afternoon. When one of the entertainers came on stage and yelled:

"Who wants this T-shirt then? I'm gonna' give it to the person who jumps the highest."

I tried ever so hard to spring up into the air to claim the appealing looking blue T-shirt. Joe even lifted me up so my head was exposed above the crowds, but unfortunately the singer was too engaged in his rap and didn't see me. So I didn't get the free T-shirt, much to my disappointment. A wonderful afternoon and evening; a great opportunity to get into the christmas spirit.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

#15- go on a morning jog in the countryside

One of the greatest things about living up North (apart from fish & chips) is the countryside. Fortunately, we are blessed in having some of the nicest landscapes in the country. On a typical morning, I closely resemble a zombie- eyes half shut, stumbling around and a slight (okay, a big) hint of grumpiness. Nevertheless, it has been scientifically proven that exercise releases endorphins that instantly make you feel better. It also has a lasting effect, making you more alert throughout the day. As much as I love the mocha latte's from college, I must admit that after a good run, I feel so fresh! Once you get over the feeling of:

"oh my golly gosh, I'm so out of breath *huff,huff* I wanna sit down. Why is my throat hurting, is that normal? Or have I swallowed a pebble?!"

..It really is an enjoyable activity. Whether you're on your own or with a running buddy, I strongly recommend a good jog to set you off on your day. Although I spent a big majority of time filming myself running into the distance and then running back to press the stop button on my camera, I still think it is a very active thing to do!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

#14- sing and prance around with your friends on a saturday night


That is the distinguishable sign of me and my friends. Despite only meeting each other a couple of months ago, we all quickly bonded in our joint insaneness, and have even designed our own secret handshake.
You see, I am incredibly lucky in that not only do I have the bestest group of friends I could ask for, but everytime we're with each other, we cannot go even a second without speaking, singing, laughing and making fun of each other. On the occasion of celebrating Chloe's 17th birthday, we filed ourself with pizza and steak. Although, when the waiter strolled over and announced there was only 7 pieces of chocolate cake left when 8 people desperately wanted that, so one of us would have to pick something else, we probably made our voices heard to the whole of Lancashire by shouting "OOOOOOOOOOO." A fabulous night with my fabulous friends.

Friday, 1 November 2013

#13- have a sing song with your best bud before a night out

It's commonplace in a good cheesy comedy; two friends getting ready for a night out, singing along to pop songs and chatting away. Luckily me and Sarah are both as bonkers as each other, so the routine of curling hair proved to be pretty amusing. Along with the exciting buzz you feel when you're about to go out with your friends, a bar of dairy milk chocolate (thankyou for buying that Sarah), some lemonade and your much loved iPod docking station in the corner, getting ready can be as big as the event you're going to!
I strongly recommend a good sing song before you go out- whether it's before school or college or work. It helps keep your spirits high and set you off on a smashing day.