Monday, 29 July 2013

#9- get attacked by ducks as you feed them bread

Ducks; delicate little animals who's natural habits are to paddle around enthusiastically, whilst cheerfully quacking at the top of their voices. They tend to complete a few cycles of the pond during their day, occasionally stopping to peck at a fellow duck or gaze at the ducklings, with a youthful admiration all look. However, when two teenage girls advance on them with a full loath of bread, they seem to loose all their dignity and quickly develop one aim- GET THE BREAD. I genuinely believe that ducks are like humans in that they find the sunshine to be as rare as humans do.

Consequently, the glowing beams must make then hyper and rather greedy, as they were after us like we'd dressed in a duck costume and started to parade around the pond. The ducks we encountered on this day out were as stubborn as a three year old who doesn't want to leave the swings. As per usual, I brought in some of my wacky humour to calm them down and reasure them that they would all get a little nibble of the yummy bread.

But unfortunately, ducks can't understand humans, and so they resorted in chasing us around the field until we gave them their beloved bread. A truly hilarious day with my friend Annie, but I think I'll take my bread somewhere else next time...

Thursday, 25 July 2013

#8- treck across a freezing river

Due to the sweltering heat and the warm breeze, Zoe and I got a little hot whilst out on our walk and picnic. So, the sight of a idealic little river was met with a releaved sigh. We immediately dumped our belongings on the dry sand bed and made it our goal to treck across the river. IThis was easier said than done. The constant flowing water seemed to enjoy smashing against the rocks, making them super slippery and rather hard to balance on. Nevertheless, we troopered on like the determined turtles that we are and battled against the Atlantic temperatures that the river provided. 

Saturday, 20 July 2013

#7 sit by a wall and sing like a chipmunk

Once again, my blog activity involved being a total goofball and truly
expressing to the world, how cool I am. Alvin & The Chipmunks is a worldwide
phenomenon, which see's a bunch of hyperactive talking chipmunks become a
 global sensation thanks to the fact that chipmunks can apparently sing and walk
 in high heels. Commonplace then really. However, what isn't commonplace is
two teenage girls sat by a wall in the middle of a quiet country village, singing like
chipmunks. Whilst Sophie mastered the voice of a chipmunk perfectly, I regret to
inform you that I did not.

Friday, 19 July 2013

#6 prance around the countryside in the sun


I've always loved the countryside; I love the feeling it gives me.
When I'm out in the open, i feel a sense of liberty that can
only be achieved by being in the countryside itself. The beauty, tranquility and 
calmness of it all makes me feel happy. 
It also gives me inspiration for when I write- anything can happen.

On a sunny day with your best friend, it's just lovely to get out 
and enjoy the sights that surround the busy towns and villages in
my area. So, Nat and I pranced around in the fields and coutryroads 
and made the most of the sunny weather that Britain NEVER offers..

Thursday, 4 July 2013

#5- sing your heart out on the karaoke machine

Unfortunately, I do not own a karaoke machine at my house (although i don't think the neighbors are too bothered about that). So, when i got hold of my friend Sophie's, lets just say I didn't put the microphone down for quite some time afterwards. I'm certain that half of Britain heard our angelic singing voices- how fortunate and lucky are they?!

has to go on a 1000thingstodoinalifetime, as it's simply entertaining, not least because it's a feel good activity, but because for a few moments you get a taster of what it's like to be a famous pop star. I think I have a new ambition, do you want to know what it is? Well, lets just say i shall be entering X factor next year...

song 1- hero by Enrique Iglesias 
song 2- summer loving by Grease