Saturday, 7 September 2013

#11- have a picnic of junk

Admittedly, I am an appallingly bad eater. I'm pretty sure, that if I was asked to accumulate a pie chart of my diet, the "sugars" section would be dangerously larger than advised. Nevertheless, you would never really consider having a picnic only consisting of veg would you? Neither would I, which is why we decided to have a picnic full of crisps, chocolate and pop. In all honesty, we didn't intentionally set out to have a picnic of junk, but coincidently, we all braught sugary foods along- great minds think alike! Once we reached the bridge, we layed out a towel and positioned all the food around us.
Luckily, the weather was on our side (for a little while) and we managed to have a lovely picnic by the river, as we admired the view of fields, fields and....more fields! After we had eaten, we resumed to our usual hyperactive selves and filled the day with conga's, dances, prank calls and singing. A typical day for me and my friends then really- being cool seems to come naturally.
It was a really funny day- having a picnic of junk is definately something I advise you to do. However, I would also like to warn you not to munch all of the sweets and chocolate too quickly. It does make you feel a tad sick afterwards. It doesn't help either, when you arrive home and your parents announce that tea will be ready in 5 minutes. Ooops....