Sunday, 19 January 2014

#19- spend a day in the countryside

Lately, the weather has been truly terrible. *takes a moment to look in a thesaurus to find every possible synonym for terrible*...awful, appalling, atrocious, disastrous, dreadful, frightful, horrid...I suppose however you look at it, the weather in England in January is not particularly pleasant. It's no wonder that January is the most popular month for people ditching their home town and whizzing off towards the sun. I know the sun is hiding under those clouds somewhere- they must like looming over the British, because we never really seem to see anything else! So when the sun peaked out half way through our day, it was...AWESOME! For the first time in about 343526 years, we felt the heat on our faces. The only way I've had any access to heat lately is to sit directly in front of my fireplace or stand solemnly in the shower...To celebrate and say thankyou to the clouds for finally letting the sun have access to our sky, me and my mum bought an ice-cream (mmm). I'm not sure how that says thankyou to a scorching ball of heat millions of miles away, but I guess somehow, the British economy will strive and the sun will be like:
 "oh see Saturn, that's how I make the world a better place. What do you do other than sit there being cold"



  1. I am starting to get cabin fever myself. Been trapped inside due to either snow or bitter cold temps! I am dying for a road trip!

  2. Love the print and you look gorgeous!Keep up a good work! <3