Monday, 16 June 2014

#22- Form a McBusted tribute band in a hotel room

The London Euston Premier Inn is the coolest place on earth; they put up with us forming our own McBusted tribute band for approximately half an hour before an important looking young man in a purple suit told us to politely stop singing. When me and Sophie first entered the amazing hotel room, we were a little overwhelmed by the groovy little kettle and the hair dryer. Whilst we contemplated getting an early night, forming a tribute band seemed like a much better idea. Well, at the time time it did- in the morning we were more than a little tired.  Although there are 6 members of McBusted and only 3 of us, I think we made up for it by being as loud as 2 people. With the outstanding popularity of the super group McBusted,we decided we would show our appreciation by casually proclaiming our love for them at the very TOP of our voices. Sadly, we didn't attract as many supporters or fans (and I bet half of the hotel hated us) but it was sooo worth it.

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