Saturday, 16 November 2013

#14- sing and prance around with your friends on a saturday night


That is the distinguishable sign of me and my friends. Despite only meeting each other a couple of months ago, we all quickly bonded in our joint insaneness, and have even designed our own secret handshake.
You see, I am incredibly lucky in that not only do I have the bestest group of friends I could ask for, but everytime we're with each other, we cannot go even a second without speaking, singing, laughing and making fun of each other. On the occasion of celebrating Chloe's 17th birthday, we filed ourself with pizza and steak. Although, when the waiter strolled over and announced there was only 7 pieces of chocolate cake left when 8 people desperately wanted that, so one of us would have to pick something else, we probably made our voices heard to the whole of Lancashire by shouting "OOOOOOOOOOO." A fabulous night with my fabulous friends.


  1. Very cute. I did this stuff too in my youth....great times. :) Enjoy being young.

  2. Your blog is so cute! :D
    I have followed your blog. Hope you can follow me back as well! Thanks! :)